Lupus Care Pack


It all started with a yearning to reach out. For those same people who suffered from the same illness as I do, who lie down in bed at night thinking how isolating this condition is and how sick we feel and yet no one can see or understand. 

"But, I do." I heard a voice talking back to me. 

"I have Lupus, too! And I know how lonely it feels. But, I have also found many ways to remedy my pain and I am going to share it with others!" 

So, I began my journey; raising funds, purchasing care products and distributing these Lupus Care Packs to my fellow lupus warriors. 

Read how this story unfolds. 


I went on to set up Indiegogo fundraiser online to collect funds from family, friends and strangers. My goal was to collect AUD1000 (which includes AUD500 of my own contribution) to purchase 50 Lupus Care Packs and distributed at the International Lupus Congress by March 2017. 

The Lupus Care Pack consisted of 3 non-medicinal items that I have used regularly to remedy pain and various symptoms that manifested from my Lupus. They are Vegan Mint and Tea Tree shower gel, Scented wheat heat bag and 500g bag of Epsom Salts. 



Due to overwhelmingly supportive response from my community, I ended up adding the 4th item to the Lupus Care Pack, which was the Peppermint Tea Bags. 

As you followed through Indiegogo updates, I ended up with having enough funds to purchase and pack 100 care packs. 

Unfortunately, method of delivery at the Lupus Congress was not as successful as we hoped. At the conference, only 35 bags were distributed to Lupies in person. 



Because our National Lupus Organisation dissolved a few years ago due to insufficient funding, I struggled to find the right community and channel where I could deliver the rest of the care packs. 

Fortunately, I found two active Australian Lupus Community groups on Facebook (Lupus Australia and Victorian Lupus Group) and have used them to distribute the care pack directly upon their request.

A priority is given for those who have been recently diagnosed or are experiencing significant flare, but ultimately, anyone could request a care pack.  


Due to my limited ability to distribute the care packs in person, I decided to create another fundraising to cover the cost of posting the care packs Australia wide. 

Collectively Lupus Care Pack Delivery Service fundraising raised enough money to post 65 remaining lupus care packs as well as additional 18 mini care packs (which includes some of the items but not all of them; mint and tea tree shower gel, wheat heat bag, peppermint tea, epsom salt or Hydralyte). 



Between January - November 2017, a total of $2846.61 funds raised which included 118 Lupus Care Packs delivered in person as well as through postage delivery all over Australia. 

A record of feedback from Lupus Care Pack recipients can be found here

I am hoping to repeat the same initiative in the near future with improved delivery and distribution method. Please stay tuned!