a spoken story meditation revolutionizing Grudge

Photo by  Max van den Oetelaar  on  Unsplash

The word unison /ˈjuːnɪs(ə)n/ originated from Medieval Latin, comprised of two words: uni - “one” + sonus - “sound”. Unison means having one sound; a united song of one’s voice.

A grudge is formed when we repressed our anger. Decades of buried anger becomes stored within our body as grudge. Even though grudge is invisible, it has a physical and visceral presence inside our body. We feel the heaviness, the weighted pressure of grudge within us when we come face to face with ourselves or a person who continues to violate our personal boundaries.

Grudge is embedded within the tiny fibres of our body. You feel grudge whenever you experience muscle tightness and muscle strain (often around your neck, shoulder, jaw or lower back) every time you come face to face with a person you have a disagreement with but unable to voice yourself to keep your personal boundary intact. This is why the suppression of anger and formation of grudge is felt so strongly in the body. The tension that arises from conflict of interest and opinion cannot be released without speaking our voice and ended up straining our physical body.

The spoken story of Grudge is free for you to experience. You can download it and share with others.

My recordings are best to be listened to with headphones and lying down comfortably in a quiet place - even if that means your bathroom floor!

I hope you will enjoy this — please let me know what you think about Grudge by emailing directly to corry@beatingwithwords.com.

(( Credit: Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash ))