archaeology of anger workshop

self directed creative exploration of anger

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In this online course you will learn how to explore suppressed anger from your past in a gentle and creative way.  This course offers audio recordings of 3-part series spoken story meditation. Together, they form a story that would allow you to delicately begin your journey by looking into the buried emotions that have been calling for your attention. You do not need to have experience in meditation to benefit from this. They are not “meditations” in a traditional sense and are not tied to any religious or spiritual beliefs. If you are still unsure whether this is for you, download a free sample on exploration of Grudge here.

Also included in the package a PDF instruction guide, private Facebook group community and a copy of my exploratory poem.

In this course, you will learn to discover and see your hidden wounds with kindness and compassion – a prescription necessary for healing.

who is this course for

  • women who despise confrontations

  • women who avoids conflicts and arguments at all cost without even saying a word even when her blood is boiling her insides

  • women who always try to “keep it cool, calm and collected” rather than be seen angry, frustrated or affected in public

  • women who never raised their voices but constantly bites her tongue, swallows gulps of fires down her throat and have her guts knotted in a tight twist during an argument or when someone oversteps her boundaries or when someone clearly disrespect her.

course topics

This guided meditation follows a story. It contains three individual parts and must be listened to in sequence.


Before any journey begins, you must be prepared. One of the most important preparations is your willingness to see things in a different light. Here, you will learn how to provide comfort and offer compassion towards your fearful selves.


The search begins. You explore a deeper part of your wounds – ones that you have hidden away for so long you don’t even realize they still exist within you. As you discover your mystery, you learn how to live as your true selves.


As one journey ends and the other begins, it is important that you release parts of yourselves that no longer serves you. Freedom comes from consciously letting go of that which is holding you down.

how it works  

  • Once purchased you will receive an invitation to join an exclusive Facebook Group with your fellow Archaeologists.

  • You will also be able to download the PDF containing all the instructions for this course.

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  • If for some reason you are not able to do so within 24-hours, please email me directly.

  • Also included in the package is a digital copy of my poetry; The Archaeologist of Anger.

  • Our private Facebook Group can be used throughout the season to share insights, start discussion and support each other.

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